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We offer many unique and beneficial services- without the costly, damaging affects of chemically laden prescriptions or surgery.

Active Release Techniques

ART provides the means for both diagnosing and treating the underlying causes of soft tissue disorders. ART is able to resolve the true cause and provide more than just a symptomatic solution!

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Nutrition Response Testing

We offer a unique and proven Nutritional Coaching System combined with the amazing technology of Nutrition Response Testing℠ aimed at improving the health of our WNY community naturally!

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Whole Food Nutrition

"One of the biggest tragedies of human civilization is the precedence of chemical therapy over nutrition. We are feeding people poison in trying to correct the reactions of starvation"        - Dr. Royal Lee

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"No instrument or machine has been invented that can replace the analytical and healing power ignited by a skilled practitioner's integrated eyes, hands and ears"        - Cabot

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Why Choose Us?

1. To work towards establishing a new era of Health Freedom by being professionally competent, nutritionally oriented health care professionals resulting in the improved health of our patients, their family, ourselves and for all future generations.
2. To provide the most effective, proven and safe health improvement programs which undercut, reduce and/or eliminate the need for toxic pharmaceuticals or other medical or sychiatric interventions.
3. To ensure the continued stable and optimal health restoration or maintenance of our patients.
4. To do all that is necessary towards fulfilling our role as teachers, mentors and allies of our patients in reclaiming and protecting their health and the health of our society.

We strive to provide each patient with a tailor made Natural Health Improvement program in order to help them achieve maximum health restoration so that they can experience true Wellness as our Creator intended.

Wellness is the optimum expression of Health at each stage of development from conception to death.

Dorland\'s Medical Dictionary defines HEALTH as \'a condition of optimum physical, social, mental and spiritual well being - not merely the absence of disease or infirmities\'.

Our Purpose is to help sick people get well and to help healthy people stay well through the best in Natural Health Care!

Our Goal is to SAVE LIVES! By educating you about the amazing in-born healing capacity that we all possess and how you can successfully take advantage of it!

It\\\'s true, your bodies ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe!


Every time I had any type of food I would develop bloating and gas. Since the very beginning of my Nutrition Response Testing program the bloating and gas are gone! What a wonderful relief to not be suffering with that bloating and gas anymore!

Gas and bloat – gone!

Nancy P.

– I couldn’t sleep at night, I was tossing and turning all night. I was very hyper and couldn’t relax at all. It was like my brain wouldn’t shut down. I was stressed about everything and my eyes had dark circles under them. Now it is wonderful! I have been sleeping 4 ½ to 6 hours a night. Restful sleep (not getting up once)! The dark circles under my eyes are going away and my husband said my face looks very relaxed. I feel great!

Sleep restored!

Maria M.

I was having horrible headaches since having my gallbladder removed – I was light and noise sensitive – I couldn’t get out of bed all day when I had one of these headaches which sometimes lasted for days. Dr. Steve explained that my scars were the problem (discovered through Nutrition Response Testing). I use the laser once a week in the office and I apply the oils he recommended daily. Since my first week of doing the therapy I have not had a single headache!

Headaches – gone!

Mel S.

I have fought depression for over 40 years. Low energy, no motivation… an inability to focus and get anything done without a struggle. I have tried multiple medications (and even natural products) over the years, and eventually they have all lost their effectiveness or had other – worse - side effects. Since beginning the Nutrition Response Testing program with Dr. Dubuc, to my surprise I felt a difference in the very first week! More energy, I started to get things finished around the house that I’d been putting off and most importantly the depression I’ve fought so hard to control everyday was gone! Life is good, and I found myself laughing again and just plain enjoying my day. The program is easy to do and cost effective. I recommend it to anyone who is having health issues.. it works!

Long standing depression – gone!

Denise F.

I wanted to write you and share my success up to now. It has been 4 weeks since starting with the nuturition program. Before I came for treatment my quality of sleep was awful. I would wake up at wee hours of the morning from the pain in my leg extending down to my knee, under my knee cap, and down the side of my leg. I would take 2-3 motrin before going to bed, take it during the night and then in the morning. It has been almost 2 weeks and I have not consumed ANY motrin, nor do I take the Advil PM at night. My quality of sleep is wonderful. I can't remember sleeping so well, through the night, and waking up feeling -ready to go- so much so that even if I felt like laying back down, I couldn't sleep !!! Didn't need it. Also, I was taking lexapro for seasonal depression. I am no longer taking the drug, because I feel good, not stressed, and my whole being is just better. I handle stress better, laugh more and focus better. This is Good Stuff !!

Insomnia and leg pain – gone!

Jo Anne Z.

1. What was it like before you came in to see Dr. Dubuc? Nine months ago was when I first saw Dr. Dubuc for my achilles tendon. I had a painful ball on the back of my heel, and I was having difficulties walking because of pain in my Achilles tendon. Dr. Dubuc worked on my tendon by breaking up the scar tissue with Active Release Technique. He had great success breaking down the scar tissue and relieving the pain, although some of the ball remained on the back of my heel. I started asking Dr. Dubuc about the nutritional-healing (Nutrition Response Testing) program and how it could help me. I began the nutritional-healing program with health issues consisting of; Achilles tendon, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, over weight, acid reflux, low energy level & low sex drive. 2. How is it now? After 10 weeks of the nutritional healing treatment: 1. Achilles tendon, I can walk normal, without pain and the ball on the back of my heel is down to nothing (without any more Active Release sessions)! 2. High blood pressure, my blood pressure is normal 3. High cholesterol, my cholesterol has dropped over 100 points, from over 260 to below 160. 4. Over weight, I have dropped over 25 pounds, from over 275 pounds to below 250 pounds. 5. Acid reflux is better 6. Low energy level, improved 7. Low sex drive, improved Overall, I am eating healthier and I feel physically and mentally better. I feel great.

High blood pressure – gone!

Mark T.

I came to Dr. Dubuc because I wanted to lose weight (30 lbs). I also had sinus headaches, was constantly congested, and just generally tired. I started this program right after Thanksgiving. I had always thought I had allergies, but after a recent appt to my general physician, in which he ordered an allergy blood test, I found out I had no allergies. I told Dr. Dubuc that I must have sinus problems. After my exam, he told me I didn’t have sinus issues, rather it was the way sugar and other foods were affecting me. After I started the program, it took awhile for things to happen, especially since I slowly had to teach myself to eat right (first week no sugar before 10 AM, next week no sugar before 11 AM). I was eating all the wrong things before – lots of bread, sugar and not enough vegetables. But once I got going, each week I was losing 1-2 lbs and feeling better and better. Now, after 6 mos., I have lost the 30 lbs that I set out to. My sinus headaches are gone! I have now set a new goal to lose another 10 lbs. I have so much more energy now. I never could have lost the weight on my own. I had tried so many diets in the past, and after each diet I would gain the weight right back. I have to say that I don’t feel like I’m “missing” anything by eating this way. I have been a chocolate lover my whole life and never thought I could handle not eating sugar, but I have to say that I don’t miss it at all.

Sinus headaches gone!

Sue B.

Here's my experience: I have been battling chronic heartburn for as long as I can remember. About 11 years ago, when I was 19 years old, I was diagnosed with the beginnings of Barrett's, which is pre-cancerous. From that moment on, I took every pill imaginable to prevent heartburn, thus preventing cancer, so that my esophagus could heal. However the medicine I was on for those 11 years was causing many other digestive issues for me. Everything I ate made me feel sick and bloated. I was also getting chronic, shooting pain in my abdomen every few months which rendered me unable to move. I tried eliminating gluten and dairy, yet that didn't seem to work. I have been to many different doctors and several other Nutritionists who only could recommended band-aids for my heartburn and digestive issues. The remedies would work for a few weeks, and then I would go back to feeling bad again. I was tired of feeling sick all the time. It effected everything I did. My whole life revolved around trying to fix this. I was desperate, and on the verge of exploring any surgeries that could help prevent my heartburn. But then, in December 2013, my life changed when I heard of Dr. Dubuc. I told myself, this was it; I had to try muscle testing in my last ditch effort to help. On the initial consultation, I knew this would be different. Dr. Dubuc wanted to hear all of my health concerns, from top to bottom. I had never been to a doctor where I could pour out all of my issues to, all at once. It was like therapy. I felt better just explaining the problems I was having, and he was confident he could help me. He found out that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my digestive system, it was actually my pituitary gland, which regulates the hormones to the digestive system, which had the issues. I also learned how to eat the best for my body. Once my pituitary was straightened out and I began eating properly, within a few months, my heartburn, bloating and pain were 100% gone! (On a side note, I have dealt with allergy issues my entire life also, which are now gone completely as a result of proper nutrition.) I cannot express how much of a relief it is to live without these problems. I expected and came to grips with the fact that I would have to deal with these my whole life. But Dr. Dubuc and his team have given me a new life! Thank you to Doc, Jimmy, Shirley and Evelyn for all your help, care, concern and love!"

I have been battling chronic heartburn for as long as I can remember!

Leah M.

I was tired all the time. I had no energy or drive. I felt like I was living in a haze with no focus. I had heartburn constantly, muscle pain, and I needed my asthma inhaler constantly. My boss was worried I was "a heart attack waiting to happen". He sent me home the day I met Dr. Dubuc. That's the day that everything changed for the better. How is it now? High energy - not wanting to sleep constantly. Controlled asthma, lower blood pressure, zero heartburn and better digestion. 35 pound weight loss in less than 3 months - 11 weeks. I have improved muscle pain and increased stamina. I've got higher self-esteem and care about my appearance once again. The change has been so dramatic that other people have been encouraged by my success. Dr. Dubuc and the CNHI staff helped me physically, mentally and emotionally - I have my life back and feel like I'm 15 years younger and look it too!

Feel and Look 15 years younger!

Jeffrey W.

Dubuc Chiropractice and Natural Health Improvement Center of WNY has an all-natural, sensible path to health restoration and maintenance that is drug-free and holistic. The program has been clinically proven to work on thousands of patients by a growing network of ethically trained nutritionists.