The Purpose of Our Practice;

Our Purpose is to help sick people get well and to help healthy people stay well through the best in natural health care – Chiropractic and Nutrition!

Our Goal is to to provide effective, proven and safe health improvement programs which undercut, reduce and/or eliminate the need for toxic pharmaceutical or other unnecessary medical or psychiatric interventions. It’s true, Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe!

Help us to put a stop to all of the unneeded drugs and surgeries afflicting our families, friends and neighbors throughout Western New York and beyond!

You can help by letting your friends and loved ones know about the practice and by helping them to arrive here! Together we can help to create and expand a sane and effective health care system!

Remember… the Best “Health Insurance” that there is,



Dr. Stephen M. Dubuc, James Scaringi,CPT and Staff @ CNHI of WNY

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