In Chiropractic we understand that the physical body has been created with the INNATE ABILITY to heal itself. We know that the Power that MADE this Body also HEALS this body. It happens no other way.

The “Power” that made our bodies, created for us a stand-alone, in-house Engineer to be responsible for the constant monitoring and upkeep of our physical body.  We call it the “Autonomic Nervous System” or ANS.

The ANS is responsible for keeping the physical body alive, functioning at its optimum and surviving at its highest potential. The single command to “SURVIVE” drives the ANS from cradle to grave.

ANYTHING that occurs in our bodies is an attempt by the ANS to follow that command.

So, if ever there is a blockage or interference of the proper communication between the ANS and any of the organs or tissues of the body, some form of bodily dysfunction will always occur.

This blockage or interference is called a “subluxation” in Chiropractic.

SCIENCE: The Science of Chiropractic is in the ability to produce solutions to difficulties affecting a person by FINDING the subluxation.

We use various methods and tools to identify the subluxation. We use our hands first and foremost.

During our education we are taught (and drilled repeatedly) to be able to identify areas of abnormal skeletal motion, altered areas of tissue tone and texture, we are taught to locate areas of nerve restriction and irritation. We are instructed in identifying faulty movement patterns and postural distortions. From these observations we develop a clear picture of what needs to be adjusted, stretched, supported or strengthened.

Of course we are also HIGHLY trained to perform a standard Medical-type of examination as well. We check your reflexes, we do muscle strength testing, we check for areas of altered sensory perception. We are trained in the use of blood work and other diagnostic testing, as well as the taking and interpretation of X-rays, etc., but this is all done IN ADDITION to the Chiropractic evaluation. Sometimes these Orthopedic or Diagnostic exams do identify problems that are “outside” of the Chiropractic realm of treatment, but that is why we do them. Your health and safety are paramount to us!

ART: The Art of Chiropractic is in the skilled application of Chiropractic Technologies to CORRECT those subluxations that were found.

In our office we use the following:

The ADJUSTMENT: The primary tool of the Chiropractor is the spinal adjustment. This is accomplished in numerous ways, some require precisely moving the bones (the classic “cracking” of the spinal joints) by hand, but there are many, many ways to adjust the spine and we’ll work with you to find the ones that you are most comfortable with!

DIET: If you are not feeding your body what it needs to heal, it can’t!  Dr. Dubuc and his Associates are MASTER CLINICIANS utilizing an amazing Technology called NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING

SOFT TISSUE MANAGEMENT: Muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and fascia – they all play a role in your physical health and we need to address them. In our office we specialize in a Technique called ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUES™.  Used regularly by Professional Athletes and week-end warriors alike it is The Gold Standard of Soft Tissue Techniques!

REHABILITATION: When some part of your body has been injured or has just begun to trouble you there is always an associated underlying weakness! Rehab includes low-tech stretching and strengthening (no special equipment necessary!).  This aspect of care hopefully helps to prevent your needing endless care.

COLD LASER (Low Level Laser Light Therapy): Using specific wavelengths of light from a specialized laser we can augment healing, decrease pain and improve function!

NON-NEEDLE ACUPUNCTURE:  Sometimes the “Blockage” of the subluxation is an energetic one! The Chinese developed exceptional knowledge on handling these problems and our training in “Meridian Therapy” allows us to utilize their 5000 years of clinical experience in trying to help you!

ORTHOTICS: If the foundation is crooked, so goes the house. Sometimes we need to stabilize your foundation to keep your health flowing!

Remember; “The power that made the body, heals the body. It happens no other way” – so the Chiropractic approach is ultimately aimed at identifying what we Chiropractors call the “subluxation”, and then through safe, natural, drug-free interventions we attempt to correct the interference or blockages that have been causing your problem. This allows the “Innate Intelligence” (which we all possess) to do what only IT knows how to do, and that is to HEAL the body!

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