Our Chiropractic Natural Health Improvement Office is dedicated to improving the health of our WNY community through education about positive, healthful lifestyle changes and Designed Clinical Nutrition support.

Dr. Dubuc and staff offer a unique and proven Nutritional Coaching System combined with an amazing technology called Nutrition Response Testing℠! Combined, this approach offers the patient an all-natural, sensible path to health restoration and maintenance that is drug-free and holistic.

Nutrition Response Testing℠ (NRT) is a clinically and Practice-Proven system that is built on a solid foundation of key anatomical and physiological principles.  It gives the practitioner a way to determine exactly what nutrients your body requires and a method to discover which areas of the body need to be addressed.

With Nutrition Response Testing℠ we experience daily miracles beyond anything we have ever seen or achieved before! NRT enables us to test each patient at a core level and identify the real causes of their health problems and identify why tough cases have been resistant to healing.

We can now correct the root of the problem using time-tested nutritional protocols that are sensible and produce the results that we have always felt were possible for our patients.  A typical Nutrition Response Testing℠  analysis will include an extensive health questionnaire that will help to identify YOUR unique health history and challenges; a non-invasive Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis using the Nerve-Express System (based on over twenty  years of research, on twenty five thousand patients; it is a powerful tool for evaluating the effectiveness of any applied treatment over time); and, of course, we will perform a complete Nutrition Response Testing analysis on you.  Once completed, a clear and detailed Recommended Action Plan will be written up and presented to you.

Nutrition Response Testing was developed and perfected by Dr. Freddie Ulan.  Based on the works and extensive clinical experience of numerous Nutritional Masters before him, NRT is the culmination of decades of successful clinical experiences using natural dietary control and whole food nutritional supplementation to help people create the fully vibrant and optimal health that we are all capable of.

Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN, has been one of the world’s top nutritional practitioners and teachers for years. He is a 1965 graduate of the Chiropractic Institute of New York, a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and founder of two highly successful nutrition-oriented practices (in Upstate New York and Tampa, Florida).

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