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Just what is ‘Whole Food Nutrition’?

In our practice we use the term to describe a diet focusing on the foods that God intended us to eat!  You could say that it is a “God-Food” diet, eating only those foods originally created for us in the form they were created.  This eliminates all of the processed foods, food “products” and fake foods that science and commerce have created!

Our belief is that whoever created these “bodies”, had a plan.  And that plan intended that these bodies would heal themselves.  Building new, healthy tissues, organs, and systems, simply by eating what our Creator had originally provided for us!  Basically, “Whole Foods” are the authentic replacement parts that were intended to be used for repairing and maintaining these bodies that we live in!

God-Food vs. Man-Food

The differences are huge!  While the foods may look similar, taste and smell similar, there are monumental differences in their nutritional make-up that WILL affect your health and the health of those that you are feeding them to!


“God-Meat” – from animals that ate grass, roamed outdoors, lived in or drank clean water and ate the diet that they too had been originally intended.  That is what we mean by “God-Meat”.  – Grass-fed beef is high in Omega-3 fats which are ANTI-INFLAMMATORY.

“Man-Meat” – is from animals who have been converted into genetically modified, grain-fed, anti-biotic and hormone saturated “products” (did you know that about 70% of the Antibiotics used in America are used in our meat supply?!).  The poor animals have been raised in inhumane and unnatural living conditions, coaxed into growing faster, bigger, and cheaper- all for the enhancement of the “bottom line”.  Watch the documentary “Food, Inc.” for the sad truth of our nations meat supply! The major difference from God-Meat? Grain-fed beef is high in Omega-6 fats which are INFLAMMATORY and this (at the cellular level) is what is KILLING US!

Fruits, Vegetables, and Salad Greens – These are ideally going to be grown organically, non-GMO, void of artificial fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides, etc.  Locally grown is best for you and your community!

Good Fat/ Bad Fat :  Consuming health enhancing oils and fats is awesomely powerful in producing vibrant health! Read Dr. Weston A. Price’s book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” for all the proof you could possibly need to understand that “Fat” is good (actually, it’s essential!) for us Humans to stay healthy! Again, “God-Fats” as opposed to “Man-Fats”!

Dairy Products; If your body can “handle” dairy (sadly some cannot!) Raw Milk products are the ticket! Misinformation and fear mongering have denied us of the true health benefits of raw milk! We mammals as a species have survived quite a long time on raw milk and have done pretty well too!  Louis Pasteur really just figured out how to make substandard (nasty) milk saleable (the milk from cows being fed fermented grains that had been used to make booze in unsanitary conditions).

Raw Milk is one of nature’s most amazing foods. It is almost as if it cannot spoil. Milk turns to yogurt turns to cheese and leaves whey and, of course, cream makes sour cream, butter and buttermilk. Eventually the whey and cheese will grow mold, but you can scrape it off and keep eating. Amazing natural shelf life!

Leave Pasteurized milk on the counter, it sours and becomes a toxic poison to the body!

God-Food or Man-Food?  Your choice!

GrainsThis is a sticky point! We have as a society been told to eat six to eleven servings of grain a day by our Government since the advent of the 1992 “Food Pyramid”. In the ensuing years we have witnessed an overwhelming amount of degenerative diseases like obesity, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, autoimmune diseases and cancer explode, as well as witnessing a general health decline across the board in our population!

First a little history: Around 10,000 to 20,000 years ago there was a mass extinction of large mammals throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. We were forced to exploit our environment as other forms of hunting and gathering were now demanded. Birds and waterfowl appeared more frequently in our ancestor’s diets and for the first time grindstones and crude mortars appeared in the archaeological record in the near east. This was the beginning of humanity’s use of cereal grains for food and (remember) it was done out of necessity. To put this into perspective Rob Wolff, in his excellent book “The Paleo Solution”, offered this comparison: “If you took a time-line of the fossil record in which we have found human remains and placed it on a 100 yard football field, man-kind has only been consuming grains for the last ½ yard out of the 100 yards we’ve been on earth!” In other words our bodies had, through evolution, become accustomed to (i.e., learned to utilize) the “Paleolithic” diet available to our hunter-gatherer ancestors, which until this point in history did not include cereal grains. This was a MAJOR shift for our metabolic machinery!

Hunters and gatherers derived most of their calories from about 100-200 different species of wild animals, fruits and vegetables. But with the advent of agriculture man became dependent upon a few staple cereal foods, 3-5 domesticated meat species, and 15-20 other plant foods. Many populations got up to 80 percent of their calories from a single cereal staple.

This was the turning point in human evolution and why it was called the “Agricultural Revolution”. We abandoned the typical hunter-gatherer lifestyle, with its dependence on wild animals, fruits, vegetables, and nuts and took up dietary and activity patterns that were entirely new to us. We had evolved over thousands of years and adapted to the life of hunters and gatherers, but now we had converted to a life-style that was not in line with our adaptive qualities or capabilities. The consequences were evident in a reduction in body size, from which we have only recently recovered, and in the appearance of diseases of sedentary and agricultural populations, such as cardiovascular disease, cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, and bone diseases.

Today, approximately 17 plants species provide 90 percent of the world’s food supply. The top 10 are: wheat, maize, rice, barley, soybean, cane sugar, sorghum, potato, oats, and cassava. Without these plants there is no way that the world could support the existing 6 billion people and the anticipated 12 to 15 billion people expected during the next century. If agriculture gave us anything, it was an easily grown mass diet that was calorically dense that could be stored, shipped, and processed in hundreds of different ways. Calorically dense but nutritionally empty has its price, however.

So What’s The Problem With Cereal Grains?

Cereal grains tend to have proteins that are high in the amino acid proline. These prolamines (proline rich proteins) are tough to digest, and thus remain intact despite the best efforts of  the digestive process to break them down. The result is gut irritation, increased systemic inflammation, and the potential for autoimmune disease.  Keep in mind that this inflammation is also a factor in losing weight and looking good, so don’t dismiss this if your primary goal is a tight tush. Now you can heed or disregard this information as you please, but grains are a significant problem for most people.

Calorie per calorie grains are remarkably weak when compared to lean meats, seafood, veggies and fruit. You can look that stuff up yourself on the USDA nutrient database website. It’s an eye-opener, especially for vegetarians. Now this is just considering the value of grains with regards to vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients like proteins, carbs, and fat. When we factor in the anti-nutrient properties, and potential to cause havoc on our GI tract, grains are not a sound decision for health or longevity.

(P.S.- These statements are all being made without regard to the topic of GMO grains – add those and it makes it all the more scary!)

What All Of This Means For You

If you have digestive problems, are weight loss resistant, have high blood pressure, Type II diabetes or suffer some of the classic autoimmune reactions (e.g. allergies) consider the possibilities that grains may be the underlying culprit. Look at your family members and your family history for clues about dietary problems. Adjust the ratio of cereal grains to meat, nuts, vegetables, and fruits and see if the adjustment has any physiological and psychological effects.

Short of removing the grains from your diet, we can (at our Natural Health Improvement Office) help you to identify certain “ancient grains” that can be prepared in such a way that your body can better tolerate them.  Grains that are closer to what God created and not manipulated by bio-technology and made into “Franken-grains”!


A large part of Our Practice’s Purpose is getting the truth out about our Nation’s sad history of turning its citizen’s health into a profit center rather than a priority to protect! The facts are there, books and writings exist that tell the story of how we have become the sickest nation in the world while spending the most on our so-called “Health Care”!

Come visit us, attend one of our Patient Education Workshops (they’re FREE!) and join us on your journey back to reclaiming your health using one of the most powerful and fundamental gifts our Creator gave us … REAL FOOD!!

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”

  • – Hippocrates

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